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Of all the styles available today in window treatments, it’s hard to find a look that matches the rich, textured warmth of shutters. Also known as Plantation shutters, these enduring window fashions express a casual elegance that also reflects your own personality and unique sense of style. Available in a wide range of stains and finishes from Shutters.com, it’s easy to see first-hand why shutters offer incomparable value without sacrificing on style points. From enhanced privacy to improved energy efficiency, to greater control over outdoor light, shutters make a smart addition to almost any room that pays for itself over time. 

Designed with industry-leading features that include reinforced wood stiles, Prescription Wood Conditioning and exclusive polypropylene coatings, quality shutters from shutters.com will provide years of trouble-free performance while inducing compliments from both friends and family again and again. And with options that include double-hung panels, café-style shutters, and track systems, your shutters.com Design Consultant will help ensure your new custom shutters are the perfect complement to your home’s existing décor. 

Call today for a complimentary, in-home design consultation with an expert Shutters.com Design Consultant and see for yourself how premium shutters can elevate the beauty and comfort of 
 your home.  
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Enhance your home's privacy, comfort, style and value with shutters

Shutters are an investment that pays off in so many ways, from the immediate satisfaction of a better-looking room to long-term benefits such as increasing your home’s appeal to prospective buyers. Shutters from Shutters.com feature durable, high-quality wood and polymer construction that eliminates swelling, shrinking, cracking or fading. 
Shutters are:
•  Great for allowing you to control the amount of light that fills a space
•  Perfect for rooms with rich wood tones or painted walls
•  Ideal for high-moisture areas such as kitchens, laundry rooms, and bathrooms
•  The perfect solution for windows that are uniquely shaped
•  Excellent for rooms that need insulation
•  Perfect for windows which you want a customized designer look
•  Great for those who want to increase the value of their home
I had an excellent experience with 3 Day Blinds and love my Plantation Shutters. My vintage home has windows that are all odd shapes and sizes. I am thrilled 3 Day Blinds Shutters are custom made to fit my unique project. I highly recommend them.

Ask our Design Consultants
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* Options apply to specific product choices. Speak to a Design Consultant to discover all the possibilities.
6" - 286"
10" - 133"


A Selection of colors and finishes to complement your walls and furniture

During your complimentary, no-obligation design consultation, your Design Consultant will bring and show you shutters in a full selection of colors, stains and finishes, so you can see what looks best with your ome's color scheme and decorating style.

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White / Cream Tan / Beige Brown Red / Pink
Yellow / Orange Green Blue / Purple Black / Gray


Painted Bright White
Painted Cream
Painted Soft White
Painted Soft White
Painted China White
Painted Heirloom White
Painted Heirloom White
Painted Cottage White
Painted Pale Ivory


Painted Bright White
Painted Cream
Painted Soft White
Painted China White
Painted Heirloom White
Painted Cottage White
Painted Pale Ivory
Painted Espresso
Stained Whitewash
Stained Natural
Rustic Stained Natural
Stained Light Cherry
Rustic Stained Light Cherry
Stained Teak
Stained Teak
Rustic Stained Teak
Stained Golden Oak
Rustic Stained Golden Oak
Stained Honey Oak
Rustic Stained Honey Oak
Stained Cherry
Rustic Stained Cherry
Stained Cranberry
Rustic Stained Cranberry
Stained Pecan
Rustic Stained Pecan
Stained Amber
Rustic Stained Amber
Stained Madeira
Rustic Stained Madeira
Stained Mahogany
Rustic Stained Mahogany
Stained Dark Walnut
Rustic Stained Dark Walnut
Stained Ebony
Rustic Stained Ebony

Tilt Rod options ensure effortless operation
A variety of both manual and motorized Tilt Roads help you customize your shutters for ease of use
Tilt Rod Operating System for Shutters
Standard Tilt Rod
An operating rod to be placed in the middle of panel, on front side
Tilt Magic® Operating System for Shutters
Tilt Magic®
The Tilt Rod is hidden, placed discreetly inside the panel, for an enhanced, finished look.
Offset Tilt Rod Operating System for Shutters
Offset Tilt
Designed for the front side of the panel and at 1” from the louver ends. 
Invisible Tilt™ Rod Operating System for Shutters
Invisible Tilt™
A Louver tilting system is embedded within the panel stile. Please note: not available for 1 7/8” louver.
Perfect Tilt Motorized Operating system for Shutters
Perfect Tilt (Motorized)
A wireless, battery operated motor and remote control that is both sleek and easy to use. No hard-wiring, unsightly cords, or plugs needed. The motorized Shutters includes pre-set angled remote buttons and minor adjustments for optimized convenience. Also includes complete light and privacy control. 
Solar Tilt Motorized Operating system for Shutters
Solar Tilt (Motorized)
The Solar Tilt utilizes solar panels to operate battery-free. The smart window treatment open and closes its slats depending on the amount of UV exposure.   
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Whatever your style, we've got you covered
Whether you’re choosing shutters for one window or for an entire house, Shutters.com offers an array of styles to complement any room or interior. 

Shutter Louver Sizes
1 1/4 inch louver size for Shutters
1 ¼” Louver
Our narrowest size louver, for a subtle accent. This size is ideal for smaller windows, creating a proportionate look to your windows.
1 7/8 inch louver size for Shutters
1 7/8 " Louver
Slightly wider and more prominent slat.
2 1/2 inch louver size for Shutters
2 ½” Louver 
A larger width size that offers greater visibility.
3 1/2 inch louver size for Shutters
3 ½” Louver
Twin cell shades have two layers of honeycomb cells that help insulate windows and provide excellent energy efficiency.
4 1/2 inch louver size for Shutters
4 ½” Louver
Our largest size for optimum style accents. Great for larger windows where you want to preserve a view.
Framing Strips for Shutters
L Frame
Beaded L frame for Shutters
Beaded L Frame
Detailed beading and a ¼ ” thick Light Block.
Bullnose L Frame for Shutters
Bullnose L Frame
Comes in widths of ½ ” buildout and 1” buildout.
Vintage L frame for Shutters
Vintage L Frame
A classic look, available in buildout widths of ½” and 1”.
Colonial L frame for Shutters
Colonial L Frame
Widths include ½” and 1” for this more traditional style.
Z Frame
Beaded Z frame for Shutters
Beaded Z Frame
Features a detailed, beaded styling accent in 1 ¼” width. 
1 1/2 inch bullnose z frame for Shutters
1 ½” Bullnose Z Frame
Unique styling offered in 1 ½” width.
2 inch bel air z frame for shutters
2” Bel Air Z Frame
Elegance available in 2” width.
3” Crown Z Frame
A traditional style in 3” width.
Bullnose Tilt Out
2 inch camber deco frame for shutters
2” Camber Deco Frame
An elegant frame with yesteryear styling. 
2 inch classic deco frame for shutters
2” Classic Deco Frame
A traditional look that is always in fashion.
2 inch ridget deco frame for shutters
2” Ridge Deco Frame
One of the most attractive reasons to consider shutters from 3 Day Blinds is the vast customization that’s available. Through custom design and your own inspiration, you can choose from a multitude of design options to achieve a truly unique and decorative look.
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Customize your shutters with the design options you want
During your free design consultation, your Design Consultant will walk you through and show you the benefits of various options, such as panel configurations, stiles, mount types, folds, tracks and hinge finishes. 
  • Soft Roman Shades as a Valance
  • Soft Valance
  • Wood Cornice
Options and Upgrades
Various upgrade options are available with shutters. One of your initial priorities will be to determine the type of mounting option for your shutters.
Inside Mount
This mount allows the Shutter frame to be mounted to the inside of the window frame at the top or the sides. In most cases Inside Mounts are preferred because it provides a customized, tailored look and leaves decorative molding and window sills exposed.
Outside mount design option for shutters
Outside Mount
An Outside Mount allows the Shutter frame to be mounted to the wall or molding surrounding the window. Outside Mounts are preferred if there is not enough mounting depth for your Shutters in the window frame. Other reasons to choose an Outside Mount include making a window appear larger, allowing the product to stack or open to the side in order to provide an unobstructed view, or maximizing privacy by eliminating light gaps.
Design Option for Shutters - Inside Mount
Z Mount
This stylish frame fits neatly into the window and wraps around and over the face of the wall.
Panel Configurations
Single Panel: A simple Panel design for either Left or Right side shutters.

Bi-fold Track: Convenient bi-fold and multi-fold track for Shutters up to a maximum panel width of 20”.

Tri-fold: Provides even greater panel configuration for larger window areas. 

By-pass Track: Popular for patio or sliding glass doors, By-pass Tracks allow Shutter panels to slide past each other on tracks to open and close.

Café Style: This style is used for the bottom half of the window, evoking a charming café look.  The top of the panel requires a special finish and does not come with the recessed magnet on top.                                                                                                                
Double Hung: A thoughtful design option that allows for selective open shutter configuration. For total number of panels please order to include panels in both rows.

French Door: These are a popular design option for patio access when the versatility of two doors is preferred. Flush and offset cutout options are available in both curved and square French door cutouts. Please note: all French door cutouts are only available in L frame except Type E and F. The batten is placed behind the Type E/F panel to block light.

Corner Mounts: These facilitate secure mounting in corners.

Bay Window: Popular for kitchen shutters where a Bay Window calls for matched styling. 
Hinge Color
Design Options for Shutters - Hinge Color
Metal Finish: Durable metal finishes for hinges provide a thoughtful styling accent.

Painted Finish: Choose from a wide selection of painted Hinges that complement your decor.
Divider Rail: As an extra rail in the middle of the panel, a Divider Rail creates two sections in the panel so louvers can be operated independently. They also strengthen the panel and enhance structural integrity.
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Our shutters are tailor-made to fit even oddly shaped windows
All shutters from Shutters.com are customized to fit the exact size and space specifications of your windows, including unique shapes such as oblongs, arches and even octagons. Let your Design Consultant show you how shutters can work with your uniquely shaped windows. 
Schedule an in-home appointment by calling xxx-xxx-xxxx or by clicking Schedule Online
Specialty Shape for Shutters - Perfect Arch
Perfect Arch
Specialty Shape for Shutters - Full Arch
Full Arch
Specialty Shape for Shutters - Half Arch
Half Arch
Specialty Shape for Shutters - Eyebrow Arch
Eyebrow Arch
Specialty Shape for Shutters - Half Eyebrow Arch
Half Eyebrow Arch
Specialty Shape for Shutters - Bread Box Arch
Bread Box
Specialty Shape for Shutters - Trapezoid
Specialty Shape for Shutters - Angle Top
Angle Top
Specialty Shape for Shutters - Octogon
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